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We are learning about Vikings. Where did they come from? How did they get to Britain? What were they like?

Year 3 have been investigating the link between Vikings and Gainsborough. We found out that Gainsborough was the capital of England for 40 days in Viking times!

We have produced some wonderful art work; some fantastic writing and learned about heroic and barbaric Viking leaders.

Now we have a trip planned to go to the Jorvik centre on the 11th June. We are ready to show off what we already know.

Beofre Easter, we were learning about Rainforests. Did you know Rainforests help to maintain our supply of drinking water and fresh water, so they are critical in the sustainability of the earth?

We have produced some fantastic writing and art work based on the Rainforest; as well as learning why it so important to protect it. 

Before Christmas, we learned all about the Romans. We learned about the empire and how it grew, as well as looking at time lines as to when events happened. We found out what made the Roman army one of the most effective in history, what encouraged them to invade Briton and how important of a role they played in history. 


Veni, vidi, vici. (I came, I saw, I conquered.)



Children thoroughly enjoyed a true Roman experience. They learnt some Latin, handled artifacts, showed of their knowledge with wonderful quiz answers, played delta (maths game), practised marching drills and had a dual to the death.