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W.C. 01.06.2020

History: Ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses – 

Your task this week is to make a Fact File about your favourite God or Goddess.


Extra Activity – I really liked the idea of making your own Greek Gods & Goddesses Top Trumps cards to play at home with someone else. So, if you’ve played Top Trumps before and know how they work, have a go at making some of these with the facts you have learnt!

Gods & Goddesses PowerPoint

Space – Geocentric & Heliocentric Models

This week, I’d like you to learn about how, through time, beliefs have changed and developed based on our knowledge about how the solar system is structured. As you know, technology has developed drastically, and we haven’t always had the means to tell us exactly what is happening around us in space.


Once you’ve read through the PowerPoint, had a watch of the video and read the other bits of information, you task is to write a short script, interviewing one or more of the scientists about their theories. There are already some bits written as examples, so you might want to magpie bits and write your own with the knowledge you have learnt to create an interview style text.
You can be the interviewer and your scientists the interviewees.
Think about it similar to as if you were watching Newsround!


Once you have written your script, you can either share this with someone in your house hold, or record your interview on iMovie or on a simple recording device (you could maybe include props, make masks, and put on accents etc).


Geocentric VS Heliocentric PowerPoint

Geocentric and Heliocentric

This video explains the geocentric and heliocentric theories.