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W.C. 04.05.2020

Take a look at TTRockstars! I have uploaded some new Tournaments for today and tomorrow. 

07.05.2020 & 11.05.2020 - Percentages -

I would like you to have a look through the information below, and complete the tasks I have set over both today, and in Monday's Session.


There are quite a few questions, all at different challenge levels. So, take your time and make sure you follow the information on the check list and PowerPoint.

07.05.2020 - Percentages PowerPoint

07.05.2020 - Use this Check List when finding the percentage of something

07.05.2020 - This is the FIRST TASK I'd like you to complete

07.05.2020 - Make sure you all have a go at the Question 1 sheet; the Question 2 sheet is the Extension

Sorry again Fox Class, I have just realised I made ANOTHER MISTAKE and uploaded the wrong answer sheets! Right... I now believe that below you will find the correct answers for the past three days. Please feel free to message me if I upload anything incorrect again, must be one of those weeks!

Keep smiling Fox Class! :) Mrs L

06.05.2020 - Comparing & Ordering Decimals Task ANSWERS

06.05.2020 - Ordering and Comparing Decimals - TASK

Sorry Fox Class, I have been made aware of a mistake on today's answer sheet! Sorry about that!

Please see the new answer-sheet below - I have highlighted the corrected answer. :)

05.05.2020 - Comparing-and-ordinging-decimals ANSWER SHEET

05.05.2020 - Comparing and Ordering Decimals

Today and tomorrow, we will be looking at comparing and ordering decimals.


Have a look at the Steps-To-Success Sheet, and also watch the video clip below before attempting the task for today.

05.05.2020 - Comparing and Ordering Decimals TASK

05.05.2020 - Compare and order decimals

04.05.2020 -

Before you start today's task, just give yourselves a reminder of the learning from Thursday!

Have a look at last weeks page and re-watch the videos and have a look at the posters. :)

04.05.2020 - Rounding Decimals TASK

Very good work on TT Rockstars last Friday!

The results are...


Fox Boys = 1,007        Fox Girls = 1,211


Woodpecker = 584      Fox = 4,627