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W.C. 04.05.2020

Science: Flat or Spherical Earth Debate!


From the task set this week, you were all asked to take a wander outside, having a look for the evidence yourself to see why (over time) people have thought that the earth was both flat and spherical. As you will see in the BBC Bitesize Clip below, you will learn when exactly it was that humans were able to begin to prove that the earth was actually spherical. Today, we have so much technology, that there is no doubt of a spherical earth, and it is incredible to see the photographic evidence that both scientists, technology and astronauts have gathered to date to prove this.

It is also really important to note, that science, and also the world, is full of questions that create different possible answers. Remember all of the E-Safety learning that we covered on our ‘Dragon’s Den Themed Day’, and let this be an important message to show how the world ‘online’ can have many sources of information that are both RIGHT and WRONG!

Hopefully, your evidence from your walk out in the garden was much more full on the spherical side, but I bet you found some evidence for a flat earth too! Take a look at the information and clips below to show you the true science behind how this theory was proven.


This week’s task is going to be a practical one! After having a look at the PowerPoint, take a wander outside and see what evidence you can come up with for BOTH SIDES of the argument!

Take notes on a scrap piece of paper if you wish, and see how much evidence you can get in both sides of the columns.

Then, discuss later with someone else in your household both theirs and your ideas, and see what end opinion you come up with!


Have fun!

History: The Ancient Greek Olympics -

This week AND next week, I’d like you to work on making a board-game about the Olympics!

This week, have a watch and a read of the information about the Ancient Greek Olympics, and next week, I will put some comparison information about the Greek Olympics and today’s Olympics.


Make as many notes as you can whilst going through the information below, because then you can use your knowledge in the making of the game!


Have a look at the Board Game Examples PowerPoint, and begin to think about and make your own Olympics Knowledge Board Game! Using the research notes you have made, you can write question cards for the players to answer as they move around the board.

Think about what happens to players if they get the answers right or wrong in the game – you could even theme the consequences and rewards around the Greeks!

The Ancient Origins of the Olympics

Horrible Histories Historical HHTV - Sport Ancient Greece Olympics