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W.C. 04.05.2020

07.05.2020 - Spellings

As Friday 8th is a National Bank Holiday, I will not be uploading any specific Maths or English work on Friday, but I will be adding some 'VE Day resources' onto the website for you to complete/use if you wish.

Have a look in the 'Extra Fun Activities' section on the class page.


So, below are this week's spellings and spelling activities:


  1. Yesterday
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Later
  4. Immediately
  5. Earlier
  6. Eventually
  7. Recently
  8. Previously
  9. Finally
  10. Lately

07.05.2020 - Instruction Features Poster Task


It is important that you take note of all of the features that a set of instructions actually include, as there are many!


Read through the PowerPoint, and make notes on the features this highlights.

Then, have a read through the instructions exampleHow to Care for a Mouskin. Can you find any more features or even identify the features from this text that were in the PowerPoint?


Then, I have also added a check list for you to summarise the instructional writing features – have a read through this.


Once you have completed these tasks, make a ‘How to Write Instructions’ Features Poster, to summarise and highlight everything you have learned today.

You will then be able to use this next week when writing your instructions!

06.05.2020 - Modal Verbs

We are doing the SPaG activity today. Using Modal Verbs is a Year 5 Target in writing, but will also be very useful to use when you are writing your instructions!


Work through the PowerPoint slides just to ‘recap’ your knowledge of Modal Verbs.


We have covered Modal Verbs lots of times over the year, so I have given you the mini test to complete in your work books. Make sure you write in full sentences, and highlight or underline every time you use a Modal Verb.


I will upload the answers for you tomorrow! :) 

06.05.2020 - Modal Verbs PowerPoint

The BIG Drawing Reveal!

Still image for this video

05.05.2020 - WATCH the clips and make notes on ‘How to Build a Rocket’!

Unfortunately, when I usually teach this topic, I try and do you a little demonstration of my own of building a rocket! So, I have added a video below of the attempt I had last year – hopefully it will let you have some giggles!


Your tasks for today are simple:

First, I’d like you to watch the video clip of ‘How to Build Your Own Rocket’, and make notes along the way. It is very important, as I said yesterday, for you to note down as many details as you can. So, I’d suggest that you watch the video a couple of times to make sure you have logged each individual step that the gentleman explains.

Then, once you think you have written down all of the details, I’d like you to make a spider diagram Word Bank. This will include all of the vocabulary you think you might need when you come to writing your instructions about your rocket – including  Nouns, Verbs, Adverbs and Adjectives.


Look on the ‘English Help Sheets’ page, and CLICK on the  ‘SPaG Vocab.pdf’ just to remind you about what a Noun, Verb, Adverb and Adjective is! 


NOTE! It is VERY important that you don’t attempt to build this rocket at home WITHOUT ADULT PERMISSION AND SUPERVISION! There is NO EXPECTATION for you to build a rocket, that is why you have the X2 clips to watch instead!

05.05.2020 - Vinegar and Baking Soda Rocket. Easy design!

Nichols is 6 years old and made a vinegar and baking soda rocket that soaked the back yard. It shot up over 40ft!

05.05.2020 - The attempt I had last year at building a rocket... safe to say... it wasn't easy!!

Still image for this video

04.05.2020 -

Instructions Task!

Today, just to start of our instructional writing, you are going to follow a set of instructions that I have written in order to draw a drawing! I am not going to tell you what it is at the start, but if you follow my instructions, then I will reveal tomorrow what I wanted you to draw! (I will attempt to post a video of me drawing the revealed image on the DoJo page... but you will have to bare with me, as you know what I'm like with technology!)


Then, you are going to draw something (keep it as simple as you can, as writing the instructions is harder than you think). After this, ask someone else in your household to follow your instructions!


Open the TASK SHEET to see the final details of your task for today.