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W.C. 06.07.2020

10.07.2020 - Timetables

Today, you are going to have a go at interpreting timetables.

Watch the YOUTUBE LINK below before attempting the tasks, and then there are X3 activities for you to have a go at.

I have also attached a link below with a web page that is full of a variety of timetable related questions for you to have a go at as an extension - you can work through a selection of these in any order that you wish.



Spend some time on TT Rockstars today – I have set some more Tournaments for you all to have a go at! Keep those points rolling! :) 

Timetables - Corbett Maths

This video shows how to read a bus timetable and answer typical questions on it.

09.07.2020 - Converting Units of Time

Today is a day to test your knowledge! We use time every day, and for various reasons & tasks. Have a go at these time conversions and see how many you can work through. Remember to use your Knowledge Organisers and Help Sheets to remind you of the key information.


Work through the PowerPoint Presentation before having a go at TASKS 1 & 2.

09.07.2020 - Today's PowerPoint

08.07.2020 - Imperial units 2

Today, there are a few more metric/imperial measures for you to learn and have a go at using.

Have a read through the PowerPoint, as the tasks it sets will help you to memorise the conversions that you will be working with for today. After this, head over to DoJo to watch todays video, as I have gone through lots of examples for you before having a go at answering today's worded problems.


Remember to:

  • read the question more than once
  • use a diagram and/or the bar model to help visualise the question
  • write out the unit of measure conversion that you will need
  • and write your answer out in a sentence format.

08.07.2020 - Today's PowerPoint Presentation

08.07.2020 - Today's Worded Problems

07.07.2020 - Imperial Units of Measure

Today, we are moving from Metric Units to Imperial Units. take a look at the BBC clip using the LINK below, and afterwards I have uploaded a video onto DoJo for you to watch today. It is rather long as there is lots to get through, so I'd suggest watching it once and then watching it again as you are completing the tasks and pausing when necessary. 

Once you've watched the video I've recorded, have a go at today's TASK Sheet.

TTRockstars Results - Friday 3rd July


Fox Boys - 1,741 V.S. Fox Girls - 2,144

Fox - 3,885 V.S. Woodpecker - 29

Fox - 3,246 V.S. Kestrels - 0

06.07.2020 - Metric Units of Measure

Take a look at the resources that I uploaded for you on Friday again just to refresh your memories with the 'metric units of measure learning'.

Then, have a go at today's TASK and CHALLENGE before we move onto Imperial Units of Measure tomorrow.