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W.C. 08.06.2020

12.06.2020 - Pobble 365
Follow the link to Pobble 365 that you used a couple of weeks ago.


Your task this time is to follow the questions/activity suggestions on the Pobble page for today - scroll down below the image of the day and they will be written for you.


Once you have completed these tasks/questions, use today’s image to inspire you to write something based on what you think/feel! You might want to write a story, a description, a script, a story opening, a blurb to a book, a play, another poem… go with where the image takes you!

Handwriting and Spelling Tasks -


  1. Definite
  2. Desperate
  3. Literate
  4. Secretary
  5. Stationary
  6. Dictionary
  7. Wednesday
  8. Familiar
  9. Original
  10. Animal

11.06.2020 - Edit your poem and then copy up your poem into best –

Today, I would like you to give your poem one last edit, reading and editing from start to finish, all the way through.

Think about:

- Your X5 senses - see, hear, smell, touch, taste

- Do the stanzas flow in a good order? Do they tell a story almost?

- Does the poem flow? - think about the syllables per line

- Are there any basic vocabulary words that can be up-levelled into something with more excitement and detail?

- Have you used all of the features we learnt last week for poetry? Can you include anymore?

- Does your poem grip the reader?


Then, once you have done this, copy up your poem into best, with your neatest joined up handwriting.

Things you may consider:

- Do I want a boarder?

- Will some text be in a different font, colour or size? If so, which words/phrases?

- Do I want my poem laid out down the centre or the left hand side?

11.06.2020 - Space Poem Examples

09/10.06.2020 - Write – X2 Day Task –

Today and tomorrow I would like you to write your poem.

It will not be as long as the other pieces you have been writing, but it should still take you two sessions.

As I have taught all year, it is really important not to just accept the first thing that you write, and to be able to use the editing and redrafting skills that I have taught you in the past.

A poem is full of detail and hidden meanings! So, each line should be purposeful and create even more detail for the reader to visualise the exciting things you see.

Take your time, and rework stanzas as you go along.

09/10.06.2020 - Poetry Checklist

09/10.06.2020 - Poetry Features

Michael Rosen's top tips for performing poems and stories

This clip should help you to consider features that you may want to add into your poem, through thinking about how your poem might be performed.

CBBC Stars perform poems!

Watch some well known CBBC stars from your favourite shows perform poems to celebrate National Poetry Day.

08.06.2020 - Poetry Planning –

Today, I’d like you to put last week’s learning together and plan your poem.

Again, I am going to give you some ‘writers freedom’ today, as you can decide how your poem is going to be set out.


Questions you should ask yourself before you start to plan:

  • How many stanzas do I want?
  • How many lines do I want per stanza?
  • Do I want my poem to rhyme? If so, what pattern do I want to follow?
  • Is there going to be any repetition in my poem? If so, where will this be most affective for the reader?
  • Do I want to lay the words/stanzas out in a particular way?



NOTE: Don't write your poem today, this is just a time to plan a skeleton structure ready for you writing it tomorrow and Wednesday. It's a time to think about ideas and get a bit creative with the features that you could include.