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W.C. 11.05.2020

15.05.2020 - Extra Time & TTRockstars

Have a go at completing a few more of the Equivalent F.D.P. activities from yesterday, or go back to a task from this week that you want a bit more practise with. This extra time will hopefully help you to be a little bit more confident with all of this new learning, so use it wisely!


Spend some time on TT Rockstars as well –I am looking at your progress each day and will keep setting different tables for you to work on! I have also set THREE different tournaments for you to have a go at gaining some points! Good Luck! :)

14.05.2020 - Equivalent Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

Take a look at the X2 BBC Teach videos on the LINKS below and watch how the connections between F.D.P. (Fractions, Decimals & Percentages) work!


Then, work through the PowerPoint and have a go at answering some of the questions that it works through - it will help you with some of the tasks for today's work.


Don't forget to refresh your memory with the CLIP from earlier on this week, as well as the Maths Help Sheets section of the Fox Class Page - they will all help too!

14.05.2020 - Equivalent Fractions, Decimals & Percentages PowerPoint

14.05.2020 - Equivalent Fractions, Decimals & Percentages TASK

13.05.2020 -

Make sure you have another look at the PowerPoint, Link & Clip to help you with today's task.

Make sure you also use the diagrams on today's task to help you, as the visual methods should really start to help you see what a percentage actually is.

12.05.2020 -

Take a look at the PowerPoint, Link and Clip that relate to both today's and tomorrow's learning.

With regard to today's TASK, make sure that you read and follow my explanations for each section of the task. I have tried to break it down as much as possible for you. :) 

12/13.05.2020 - This PowerPoint will be useful for both Tuesday's and Wednesday's learning

12/13.05.2020 - Watch this clip only to 1 minute 47, as the rest of the clip is not relevant to our learning today! Also, when the gentleman says ZERO, he really means PLACE HOLDER! 

11.05.2020 - Percentages

Please go back to last Friday's Information, Tasks & Challenges and continue with these.


There was a lot of work to do there, as well as new learning, so use today to finish it off and gain a little more confidence with Percentages.

Don't worry if you find this tricky, it is the first time you will have been introduced to using percentages in School! 

Mrs L