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W.C. 11.05.2020

15.05.2020 - Friday Creative Writing Activity –

Today, I'd like you to write a 'setting description' about somewhere your rocket has taken you!


Write at least three paragraphs describing where you landed when flying your rocket!


Remember, the last time we worked on setting description was when we wrote the pieces about Good Night Mr Tom, so see what you can remember. Also, use the English Help Sheets section to give you some inspiration.


Be 'super' creative! :)

15.05.2020 Spellings

  1. Nearby
  2. Everywhere
  3. Nowhere
  4. Inside
  5. Downstairs
  6. Outside
  7. Upstairs
  8. Underneath
  9. Behind
  10. Somewhere

14.05.2020 - Building Project

Using any recycling you have in your home (paper, card, carboard boxes, loo rolls, plastic bottles, newspaper, magazines, bottle caps etc), MAKE Your Own Rocket and decorate it!


It doesn’t have to fly, it just has to LOOK GOOD!


Enjoy a bit of DT this morning and get creating… you will be using your rocket tomorrow in Friday’s writing task, as well as next week's writing!

Just a few examples of Rockets made from recycled materials...

13.05.2020 - Editing Instructions


Use the ‘English Help Sheets’ on the Home Learning page link to help you edit your Instructions.

Remember, they have to be clear and easy to follow. So add detail, but not so much that they are tricky to follow (hard I know!)


Grab a different colour if you can, and make at least 10-15 different changes to your writing.


This might include:

  • ADDING a new sentence
  • CHANGING the structure of a sentence
  • Making your time openers more exciting 
  • Up-levelling vocabulary - make sure it is detailed but directional
  • Including a wider range of punctuation - to make your instructions clearer

11.05.2020 & 12.05.2020 - Rocket Instructions Writing Task

You have today and tomorrow to write the instructions on how to build a rocket – using the video link you watched on Tuesday (I have also uploaded this below).


Remember to use your Features Poster, Modal Verbs, and your Word Bank! Adding as much detail as you can!


Think about the presentation as well, as you will need to think about where your:



Labelled Diagrams

Numbered instructions


...are going to be placed.

11/12.05.2020 - Instructions Word Mat

11/12.05.2020 - Sentence Starters for Instructional Writing

11/12.05.2020 - An Instructions Check List, to go with your Poster

Vinegar and Baking Soda Rocket.