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W.C. 18.05.2020

22.05.2020 - Friday Activity - POBBLE 365

Follow the link to Pobble 365. This is a website which posts a new picture every day of the year, with some activities to go along with it.


Your task is to write a creative story about the image they have put on the site for today!

No planning, no word banks, no analysis of story features, just ENJOY WRITING today and being creative!


There are also some tasks below the image, you do not have to complete these if you don't want to - feel free to just use the image for inspiration for your story!

22.05.2020 & Half Term Spellings

With regard to spellings, please practise these 10, as well as your National Curriculum spelling sheet over the half term!

Get these lists cracked for next year!  

Remember, the lists you are working on should be in your Homework Books, but they can also be found on the Fox Class Page.

  1. Sincere
  2. Interfere
  3. Sphere
  4. Adhere
  5. Severe
  6. Persevere
  7. Atmosphere
  8. Mere
  9. Hemisphere
  10. Austere

20/21.05.2020 - WRITE the 'new planet' holiday advertisement

Today and tomorrow I’d like you to write your Holiday Advertisement for your new planet.


But, before you do that, I’d like you to take a read of the X5 Holiday Brochure Examples that I have uploaded and make a list of any descriptive phrases or adjectives that you like!

I have uploaded an example of a few features that I found in the Analysis of Features Sheet, so you can just add to this if you’d like?


Once you have done this, begin to write your new planet Holiday Advertisement! I’d suggest that you write your Advertisement over a X2 Page Spread in your work books.

Also, plan where you will be putting features such as a:

  • Title
  • Boarder
  • Images/Diagrams
  • Maps
  • Paragraphs
  • Tips

20/21.05.2020 - Check List for when you begin writing your advertisement

19.05.2020 - PLAN a holiday advertisement for a new planet


Today, you will be planning the features of your new planet in readiness for writing a Holiday Advertisement tomorrow and Thursday!


Last week, you were given the task to build a rocket, and to also write a descriptive paragraph about where your rocket took you! You can use the planet you described on Friday, or you can come up with a completely new one!


Please work through the PowerPoint slides, as there are questions on there for you to think about, as well as a ‘spider-diagram’ planning task for you to complete.


Then, open the Box-Up Plan and either print this sheet off or copy the headings into your book for you to complete a DETAILED plan for your new planet.


Remember, you want people to visit your planet, so make it appealing!

19.05.2020 - PowerPoint

19.05.2020 - Box-Up PLAN

18.05.2020 - The Moon - Reading Comprehension

Today, I'd like you to read through the text, and then have a go at answering the questions. It is a very similar format to the other Reading Comprehensions that you have answered, so make sure you use all of those P.E.E. skills that you have been learning all year! :)

Full sentences, evidence and detailed explanations!