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W.C. 20.04.2020


Welcome to our NEW TOPIC The Ancient Greeks!

Your TASK this week is to make your own TimeLine of the events that took place in Ancient Greece between 776 BC – 146 BC. You can make your timeline however you wish, and try to do your own bits of research to make it more detailed.

Don’t forget colour, drawings and facts will make it more appealing for other people to read!

Then share it with someone in your home!


This PowerPoint Presentation does include a basic timeline just to get you started, but make sure yours is much more detailed and includes new and exciting information from things you have read about or listened to.


Jane Goodall - The Famous Scientist

The research from this task will really help you with your English piece of writing over the next two weeks, so make sure you keep this information fresh in your mind, and that you keep using the links below as and when you need them. 

Make at least a page worth of research notes for the Scientist Jane Goodall.

Once you have found as many facts as you can, make a note next to each point (colour-code if you wish), of which are FACTS and which are OPINIONS. We have done this before so make sure you are clear on the difference between the two. Your research MUST include examples of both.