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W.C. 20.04.2020

Welcome back Fox Class! I hope you were all able to have a lovely Easter Break enjoying the sunshine! 

When you first came to my class in September, you may be able to remember the Jane Goodall work that was displayed in the 'Fox Class Hall of Fame' from the previous Year Group. Now it's your turn to research this wonderful and inspirational lady, and produce something similar! :) 

24.04.2020 - 

Friday Activity – Make a cartoon strip about a fun and exciting activity that you did in the Easter Holidays!

Make your drawings neat and colourful! Add speech and/or text to each box (ensuring you’ve drawn your boxes with a pencil and ruler!)


See the Comic Strip Examples PowerPoint


This Week's SPELLINGS, as well as the tasks uploaded below:

  1. Though
  2. Although
  3. Dough
  4. Doughnut
  5. Through
  6. Cough
  7. Trough
  8. Rough
  9. Tough
  10. Enough



24.04.2020 - Friday Comic Strip Examples

23.04.2020 -

Open the Biography Planning Sheet and have a look at the different sections that you will need to plan for your next piece of writing.

Write each sub-heading in your workbook (one at a time) and fill in your plan.

Make sure you use:

The learning from this week

The Jane Goodall research from your Topic Task

And any of the English Help Sheets that you think might be useful.

23.04.2020 - Biography Planning Sheet - with examples

22.04.2020 -

Read through the Jane Goodall PowerPoint to refresh your memory about this famous scientist.


Then, have a read through the Opening Title HOOK Examples and complete the First TASK that is written on the sheet.


Your Second TASK is to read through the 3 Opening Hook Examples (these are examples of opening paragraphs that will begin your biography, but will be written underneath your opening title).

Once you have read through these examples, have a go at writing your own opening paragraph. Just remember though, it MUST be catchy and over the top so your reader wants to continue reading your biography. Don’t add too many facts however, be creative with your writing, as you want to save most of your facts for the main body.

22.04.2020 - Jane Goodall Information Presentation

22.04.2020 - Opening TITLE Examples to HOOK the Reader

22.04.2020 - Opening PARAGRAPH Examples to HOOK the Reader

21.04.2020 - 

The Analysis of Biographies – Have a read through the X4 biography examples and find as many features of a biography as you can.

Work through the checklist, and write the first feature you have found in the margin in your work book. Then write 1 to 2 examples of this feature from the example texts.

REPEAT this for each feature you find, making sure you have shown a range of examples using each of the four texts you that you have read.

21.04.2020 - Biography Check List

20.04.2020 -

Much similar to the Reading Comprehension you completed for Anne Frank, please can you remember the following when writing your answers down in your workbooks:

  • Write all answers in full sentences, ensuring you include the question in your answer.
  • Read the text AND the questions more than once, to ensure you know exactly what you have read and what needs to be answered. 
  • Make sure you use P.E.E. (Point Evidence Explain) in the answers where you can. This will help to make sure you have analysed the text thoroughly, gaining more marks for questions.


(Keep your eye out tomorrow morning for the answers to this comprehension.)

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