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W.C. 22.06.2020

Science: International Day and Night

Have a read through the PowerPoint slides, and you will find your tasks for Science this week set out on here.


There are also some Links for you to both explore and watch that support the learning on the PowerPoint Slides.

Night & Day International PowerPoint - with set tasks

Geography Lesson: Time Zones Explained

History: Planning My Own Olympic Event – 

Your tasks over the next few weeks will all be based around planning your own Mini Olympic Event at home just before the summer!

Each week, you will learn something about the Olympics and also be given a task of something to create.


This week, I’d like us to focus on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!

There are:

X2 PowerPoints for you to have a read through about the Olympics;

a link to the official Olympic website that includes highlights from the past Olympics;

and X3 links to videos from the London and Rio Olympics that were help in the 2000’s.


Once you have had a look through all of these, your TASK this week is to write an opening speech to your Olympic event! 1-3 paragraphs will suffice, but your writing must be catchy and gripping - as the opening ceremony is a huge celebratory event! You can even get creative and choose a piece of music to play (or even play your own piece if you can play an instrument), or add a routine from a hobby that you have! It’s completely up to you!

Have fun! :)

This is for you to use if you wish over the next few weeks - I thought it could get us into the Olympic spirit! :)

London 2012 - Olympics - Opening Ceremony Highlight's

Top 10 Opening Ceremony moments

Top 10 Olympic Live Music Performances of All Time | Top Moments