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W.C. 23.03.2020

27.03.2020 - Friday Activity

Task 1: Sketching: Go out into the garden and sketch something in nature! Write a small poem/riddle about the ‘thing’ you have drawn. 

Put your artwork and poem up in your kitchen for others to read and enjoy, and to cheer someone up!

Task 2: It is still really important for you to keep up with your spellings! So, practise the list of X10 spellings below over the next week, ready for someone in your household to test you next Friday.

There is also a handwriting task and a spelling task to go with these spellings that will need to be completed. 

1. amplify

2. solidify

3. signify

4. falsify

5. glorify

6. notify

7. testify

8. purify

9. intensify

10. classify


26.03.2020 - 

As a starter activity, READ the diary excerpts to put yourself in Anne’s shoes (click on the link below).

Then, look at the Writing Prompts worksheet, choosing between - The Arrest or The Secret Annex.

Lastly, open up the Planning Sheet -  neatly draw the table in your work book and complete your writing plan.

25.03.2020 - Open the Senses Worksheet, and draw the table neatly in your book, labelling it with the correct headings.

Explore Anne Frank's virtual Annex again (using the link from yesterday), and fill in the gird based on what you think you'd be able to hear, smell, taste, touch & see!

Use the Senses Help Sheet that I have downloaded onto this page, as well as having a look at the 'English Help Sheets' link on our main class page under 'home learning' (here, you will find a description link, a thesaurus and many more resources to help you).

25.03.2020 - Anne Frank's Annex Senses Sheet

25.03.2020 - Senses Word Mat

24.03.2020 - Secret Annex Activity: Draw what you have read, and label everything you've drawn with a quotation from the text.

23.03.2020 - See ANSWERS to the reading comprehension below.

23.03.2020 - Reading Comprehension & 10 Questions

Monday 23rd March - Read through the PowerPoint and watch the Newsround video.

Then, open the reading document and answer the questions on the page below.

REMEMBER, you must answer your questions in FULL SENTENCES and practise those P.E.E. skills on the questions where this is necessary. You need to keep up the practise as you were all getting so good at it!

Have a read through this PowerPoint. Make some notes as you go along if you wish.

BBC Anne Frank: A life in Hiding

This is a brilliant 30 minute video clip, you really get a true insight into Anne Frank's life. I enjoyed watching this through. :)