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W.C. 27.04.2020

01.05.2020 -

Friday Task: Film Review –

Either watch a film that you haven’t watched before, or use a film that you have seen before.

Pretend you’re a film critic finding films for other people to watch whilst they are self-isolating at home.

Write a film review for that film, making it an interesting read!


Click on the link below to see real life examples of film reviews to give you some inspiration. 


Think about:

‘over exaggeration’


star ratings

‘best/worst bits’ etc.


Be creative!

01.05.2020 -


  1. Plough
  2. Bough
  3. Drought
  4. Brought
  5. Bought
  6. Wrought
  7. Thought
  8. Ought
  9. Borough
  10. Thorough

Please see the activities to go with your spelling below...

30.04.2020 -

Editing Task

Use the ‘English Help Sheets’ on our Class Page link to help you edit your Biography. Remember, it has to be formal so no chatty language or contractions (can’t shouldn’t etc)


Grab a different colour if you can, and make at least 10-15 different changes to your writing.


This might include:

ADDING a new sentence

CHANGING the structure of a sentence

Adding a sentence opener

Up-levelling vocabulary

Including a wider range of punctuation.

28.04.2020 & 29.04.2020 - (TWO Day Task)

Writing your Jane Goodall Biography:

Last week, you will have done lots of research and planning in readiness of writing your formal biography.


Make sure you follow your planning sheet, that’s what it is there for! It will help you organise & structure your paragraphs, and help to slowly build up an affective piece of writing.


Please use the ‘English Help Sheets’ on the Home Learning page link to help you include a range of Year 5 features. There is also a dictionary, thesaurus and description link on there that will help you out whilst writing.

28.04.2020 & 29.04.2020 - These SENTENCE STARTERS will really help you and are the same ones we have used before in class

28.04.2020 & 29.04.2020 - Biography Feature Cards

27.04.2020 -

Colons and Semicolons: We covered these not too long ago, so I have added the EXAMPLE sheet that we made as a class below, as well as the Help Sheet we used.


Have a go at the question sheet, and then have a go at writing your own examples that could be used in your Jane Goodall biography tomorrow (at least X4 of your own examples).

Semicolons and Colons