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W.C. 30.03.2020

03.04.2020 - Friday Activity

Task 1: Baking: Write a set of instructions about how to bake something of your choice! Then… bake it and share your tasty treats with other people in your household for them to enjoy!

Remember to include: numbers; time adverbials; detail and description (each instruction should be more than one sentence); helpful tips and advice; diagrams that are labelled; a fun title to hook the reader; and a small opening introductory paragraph. 

Task 2: It is still really important for you to keep up with your spellings! So, practise the list of X10 spellings below over Easter, along with your National Curriculum Spelling List!

There is also a handwriting task and a spelling task to go with these spellings that will need to be completed. 

  1. blacken
  2. brighten
  3. flatten
  4. lengthen
  5. mistaken
  6. straighten
  7. shorten
  8. thicken
  9. tighten
  10. toughen


02.04.2020 - Anne Frank Writing – EDIT:

Use the ‘English Help Sheets’ on the Home Learning page link to help you edit your writing.

Grab a different colour if you can, and make at least 10-15 different changes to your writing. 

This might include: ADDING a new sentence, CHANGING the structure of a sentence, adding a sentence opener, up-levelling vocabulary or including a wider range of punctuation.

31.03.2020 & 01.04.2020

Last week, you will have chosen from one of the two writing tasks, and you now have two days/sessions to complete the piece you have chosen.

Make sure you follow your 'planning sheet', that’s what it is there for! It will help you organise & structure your paragraphs, and help to slowly build up an affective piece of writing.

Please use the ‘English Help Sheets’ on the Home Learning page link to help you include a range of Year 5 features. There is also a dictionary, thesaurus and description link on there that will help you out whilst writing.

30.03.2020 - Relative Clauses -

Have a go at this SpaG activity today before you start writing your Anne Frank piece tomorrow!

Then, you can practise what you’ve learnt today in your writing! 


Watch the link and have a read through the PowerPoint!


Remember, we have covered Relative Clauses plenty of times this year, so use this activity as revision and now really start to concentrate on making sure they are in your writing (whether this is English, Science or Topic)

Relative clauses | English - Grammar

30.03.2020 - PowerPoint Presentation