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Scunthorpe Musical Festival 2018


Wednesday 23rd May 2018


Class 38 - Junior School Choir - begins at 9:45

(Singing - Earth, Sea and Sky & Hey Mr. Miller)


There will be Class 42 in between, that we are not taking part in, which starts at 10:30


Class 41 - Song for Village Schools - begins at 11:15 (should finish around 11:30)

(Singing - A Million Dreams & Wish)


It's that time of year again, and the Choir are readily preparing fr Scunthorpe's Musical Festival 2018.

Click on the link below to find out more information, and see the attached song clips and song lyrics for you to practise at home.

We have some really great songs in the pipe line for this year's competition!

Hey, Mr Miller

A Million Dreams (from The Greatest Showman Soundtrack)

A Million Dreams (from The Greatest Showman Soundtrack)

Earth, Sea and Sky [Verses 1 & 3]

Earth, Sea and Sky [Verses 1 & 2]

The BIG Day!

After a full afternoon of rehearsals, your child will be filled with excitement for the evening performance. You'll need to arrive as early as possible not only so that you can spend some time waving at your child and spotting them in the choir, but also because all arenas have strict security in place that result in longer queues as we get closer to the concert start time. The concert will start at 19:00 (7pm) regardless of queues.


18:00 - start arriving
19:00 - concert begins
21:00 - concert concludes


CLICK on the link below for more information about the day...

Young Voices 2018 is nearly here!!

Young Voices 2018 is nearly here!! 1
Young Voices 2018 is nearly here!! 2

Young Voices Lyrics - 2018

Music Festival 2017!

How exciting! The time has come round again and we are now preparing for the Scunthorpe Musical Festival 2017. 


The songs we are practicing at the moment in preparation for this are;

One in a Million

Can You Hear My Voice?

Right to be Loved


We will have to narrow these down at some point to two songs, however we are waiting for the Syllabus to be released.


We will keep you posted!


Miss Baldwin & Mrs Wilson




One and a million

Can you hear my voice?

This Autumn Term, Choir will be preparing for Young Voices in January 2017. This is a very exciting event that will involve the children learning a set list of modern songs and dances in preparation for attending Sheffield Arena in January. On the performance day, a range of other schools will come together to practice the songs we have been learning over the months, ready for a performance in the evening for parents! There will be professional dance and singing teachers that day as well, preparing the children for the evening. It definitely will be an experience to remember!



Click this link to see the Young Voices Website;

This Summer Term, we are very excited to announce that our Scotter School Choir has been entered into the Scunthorpe Musical Festival 2016. We have been rehearsing each week in preparation for our performance, exploring team work through singing harmonies, as well as developing technical singing skills. We have chosen songs based on the theme 'Believe'; Don't Stop Believing by Journey and Believe by Lin Marsh.


We look forward to updating you with the results from this after the performance...