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Welcome to Hedgehog Class!


We are a class of Year 3 and Year 4 children. Our Teacher is Mrs. Vaughan and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs. Needham. We have some super one-to-one Teaching Assistants too. They are called Mrs. Oust, Miss Ferguson and Miss. Mycroft.

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Autumn Term 2019:

This term our topic is Mountains. We have learned where in the world the main mountain ranges are located. We know about the structure of our earth and the features of mountains. We are currently learning about the impact of people on mountain environments, and will finish by learning about the different types of mountain and how they are formed.


We also learned about Japan as the Rugby World Cup took place there this term.


In English lessons we have  used the book 'Owen and the Mountain' as inspiration to write our own stories and we also did some letter writing. 

We then went on to persuasive writing and designed a mountaineering accessory which we then wrote a radio advertisement for. Some of us recorded them on iPads.

Our most recent English work has looked at the animated film 'Smallfoot'. We used clips to write character and setting descriptions, and practice punctuating speech. We will finish the term by watching the whole film and then retelling the story.



In Science we have been working in our Year Groups. Year 4 children worked with Mrs. Wilson and Year 3 children with Mrs. Vaughan. All children have enjoyed a lot of practical work and have learned about rocks and light, or matter and sound


In Maths we spent the first few weeks consolidating our knowledge of Place Value. We are all really good at that now! We have also completed units on Addition and Subtraction, beginning with mental methods, and then working on formal written methods we can use to work with really big numbers. We are busy learning our times tables at the moment, ready to do more on Multiplying and Dividing in the new year. 


We are having a big push on times tables at the moment and do weekly times table challenges along with our spelling test. 


In PE we have had half a term working with the PE coach learning a variety of Inclusive Sports. We took part in Boccia, Seated Volleyball, Goalball and Curling.


We are very lucky to have Forest School on every third Friday afternoon. We have built screens and created an alternative Olympic Games using natural materials. We also cooked dough over an open fire. We have been taught how to work with tools safely and some of have even had a go at sawing branches.


Inclusive Sports September 2019

Inclusive Sports September 2019 1
Inclusive Sports September 2019 2
Inclusive Sports September 2019 3
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Inclusive Sports September 2019 5
Inclusive Sports September 2019 6

Forest School 2019

Forest School 2019 1
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Fencing (Autumn 2018)

Fencing (Autumn 2018) 1
Fencing (Autumn 2018) 2
Fencing (Autumn 2018) 3
Fencing (Autumn 2018) 4

Portals to the Past - Roman Day (Autumn 2018)

Portals to the Past - Roman Day (Autumn 2018) 1
Portals to the Past - Roman Day (Autumn 2018) 2
Portals to the Past - Roman Day (Autumn 2018) 3
Portals to the Past - Roman Day (Autumn 2018) 4