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Visitors in school who have talked to us about keeping safe

February 2022

Children in years four, five and six had a session on Positive Relationships which included consent.

The workshop covers what a relationship is, and the different types of relationships that the pupils have.

The focus was on family and friendships. Children explored the qualities of a good relationship versus what happens when things go wrong, and how we can resolve our differences whilst respecting other people’s views and opinions. It also delicately covered issues around keeping any secrets that they are uncomfortable with, and some of the dangers of using online/social media.

There was also a large section looking at positive self-esteem. It has been found that young people who have a positive self-esteem are much more likely to have healthy relationships as they grow older.

March 2022

Years four, five and six had a visit from the local PC, PC Shaw, who talked about the protected characteristics including racism.  Children were able to explore various scenarios which included unconscious bias and what may happen as a result of the decisions or actions of people.

June 2022

We had someone come in to talk to us about moving up to Secondary school.  How to use the bus to school and home safely and what to do if we are concerned.

July 2022

Pam Street, from Road Safety, Lincolnshire spent the day in school meeting with each class to talk about road safety.


In year two the children had a session on how to stay safe as a pedestrian.

Years three and four explored car safety.

Year five and six looked at why it is essential that they wear a bike helmet when cycling.

July 2022

Year Two had a session that explored friendships and healthy relationships.

July 2022

Year six looked at the positives of the internet, positive communication online looking at popular app usage and games. Scenario-based questions were used to explore how we can deal with negative situations online andwhat malicious communications consists off. The session ended with support mechanisms such as ChildLine.

Yea two learnt about how to keep themselves safe as a pedestrian.

Children learnt about car safety in years three and four, including what type of car seat they should be using.

September 2022

Year Six had a session led by the Local Mental Health Team on worries - what can cause us to worry and how we can deal with the feelings.

September 2022

Year six had a session on What's in the Box where they explore the use of drugs and substances.

By the end of the lesson pupils were able to:

• explain that there are risks associated with using any type of drug/alcohol and identify some of the risks and effects of drug/alcohol use

• recognise that drugs/alcohol have laws related to them and that some drugs are illegal to own, use or give to others

• analyse the level of risk in different situations, identifying that drugs/alcohol can affect people in different ways

• explain that for some people drug/alcohol use can become an unhealthy habit that can be difficult to break but there is support available to help people; where to report any concerns they have