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It is advised that children read at least four times a week.  Children should be encouraged to read out loud to develop fluency and expression and shows children are understanding the punctuation that they are seeing in their books. 


Fluency is just one part of the reading process and we also encourage children to develop their comprehension skills whilst reading. Sometimes children may be sent home with a comprehension question/ sheet with their book to evidence this before moving onto the next book. There are also pages included in the reading diary which gives a space for any comprehension questions that have been asked to be recorded, as well as the answers. 


Question examples: 

  1. How does that person feel? How do you know? (inference)
  2. What do you think might happen next? (prediction)
  3. Why do you think that happened? (inference)
  4. Can you find me a word that means x? (retrieval) 
  5. Can you find an adjective/ question mark/ verb? 
  6. Does this book remind you of any other book you have read?
  7. Did you like this book? Why/ why not? 


Encourage children to find the evidence in the text as well as answer the question.

Recommended Reads for Year 2