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Keeping Safe

Every child has the right to feel safe.  Safeguarding children is a vital process that protects children from harm, abuse and neglect and a responsibility that all adults at Scotter Primary embrace, building positive relationships which means even small changes are noted. 

It also includes children being taught how to keep themselves safe, for example how to cross the road safely, keep themselves safe online and knowing and believing, that the adults in school will listen, take action and protect them.   

At the heart of our safeguarding we build positive relationships where children have a voice that is listened to and education.  When children feel heard and valued, they are empowered. 

Junior Eyes Safety Booklet

Odd sock day

Anti-bullying posters

Designing Road Safety posters

Working with Pam from Road Safety on how to help keep ourselves safe as a pedestrian

Every class led a Speak Out Stay Safe assembly and years five and six had a workshop too