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Spring Term 2

Spring Term 2

Curriculum Focus for Spring Term 2 2024


Maths – In Maths Year 1’s will be continuing to look at additive structures and addition and subtraction facts within 10. Year 2’s will be learning about division structures and shape. They will also continue to look at addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers.

English – We will be writing to entertain. We will be developing our use of capital letters, noun phrases, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, conjunctions and adverbials.

Science – We will be learning about what plants need to survive.

R.E – We will be looking at Islam and exploring the question ‘What does it mean and why does it matter to belong?’


P.E – We will be doing dance and hockey skills (sending and receiving a ball accurately).


D&T – We will be making clay pots.

Music – Will be exploring the question ‘How does music help us understand our neighbours?’

Computing – In Computing we will be looking at how digital devices can be used to capture images.