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Careers Week 2024

In June 2024 we held our first Careers week in school.  During the week the children learnt about being an author, anthropologist, mortgage advisor, footballer, acupuncturist, health and safety, police, pharmacist, developer, physio, British Steel and speech and language therapist.  It was a wonderful week to explore the various careers that the children may one day embark upon.


A huge thanks to all of the volunteers who gave up their time to make this possible. 

Police - the children asked lots of questions and were able to look at the different equipment used.

Physiotherapist - learning about what the job involves and how they can help people.

Pharmacist - the different types of medication there are and the importance of giving the correct prescription.

Mortgage advisor - exploring the differing house prices across the country and how adults pay for them.

Sign Language - exploring the role of a Speech and Language Therapist before learning some Makaton.

Health and Safety - Karen is a chemical engineer and works in Health and Safety. The children discusses what health and safety is and why it is needed.

Football coach - Tommy Keenan shared with the children how he has has travelled the world coaching football. His message was to dream big but to branch out too so that you can progress in different ways.

Being a developer - the different roles that are involved in being a developer.

British Steel - learning about the different types of steel that are produced and what they are used for.

Author - together the children created their own story.

Anthropologist - the different roles in anthropology (forensics, anthropology and pathology), handling a real skeleton and putting one together before learning about how the clues in a skull can reveal a person's gender.

Acupuncturist - how an acupuncturist helps people and the different pressure points in the body.