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Summer 1

UKS2 Newsletter – Summer 1 2022


Welcome back! We hope you had an excellent half term. A term full of learning and excitement awaits! Our last term of 21/22 and for some last ever at Scotter School!


Reminders for the Summer Term 2022


  • Please ensure your child is prepared for the weather, whether it be a coat or hat and suntan lotion (hopefully).
  • Children should bring a bottle of water with their name clearly on the bottle.
  • Please make sure that all clothing is named. This makes it easier to return to the correct child.
  • Snacks to be eaten at break time must be healthy.
  • Please remember that children are not allowed to bring toys to school, this includes trading cards or stickers – it causes upset if they are lost or broken.
  • Children are responsible for telling an adult when they need to change their books. Adults and children will work together to select an appropriate book.
  • Children will log their progress in their reading diaries. The diaries will be checked each Friday. Please can adults check their logs and initial.


PE days:

  • Kingfisher -Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Kestrel – Tuesdays and Thursdays (Y5 swimming)
  • Fox – Thursdays (Swimming) and Fridays


Spellings will be tested on a Thursday and new ones given the same day. Homework will be set on a Friday, due in the following Friday.

Class Dojo is still being used to communicate with parents and there is a ‘contact the teacher’ form on the class page on the website.

Please keep an eye on the class page on the website and ClassDojo for updates and learning taking place in the class.



Curriculum Focus for Summer 1 Term 2022


Fox – Decimals, properties of shape, converting units, position and direction and measurement and volume.

Kestrel – ratio and scaling, algebra, volume, statistics, properties of shape and geometry (position and direction).

Kingfisher – Converting units, properties of shape, statistics and ratio.

English – We will be learning ‘writing to inform’ How does democracy and Government work?

Science – What are living things and how do you classify them?

History – What legacy did the Ancient Greeks leave for us?

Computing – How can I programme a physical device? How do I manage online information?

RE – How do religious and non-religious people express the beliefs/views creatively?

PE – How do I read a map? How do we win a game of volleyball?

Music – How does music shape our way of life?

Art – What does Ancient Greek art and architecture tell us?

PSHE – What do I need to know about the wider world?

French – What is it like being a French student?


Diary Dates For Summer 1 2022


  1. 20th April – Back to school
  2. 2nd May – Bank Holiday
  3. 9th May – SATs Week (Year 6)
  4. 27th May – End of term and Jubilee Celebrations


Thursday mornings will be swimming for Year 5.


As we have learnt, the best made plans sometimes need to change. The above dates may need to be altered but we will do our best to communicate any necessary changes as soon as we are aware.