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2022 - 2023

In the second week of the Autumn term all pupils voted on the new School Council

Our School Council for 2022/23

We completed a pupil questionnaire in September and then followed this with a discussion in classes with ideas posted on a jamboard. The School Council have now been tasked with working with their classes and the School Council to agree short term and some longer term actions using the feedback given.

Our School Council and Prefects had four sessions of training on Mental First Aid

Once the Mental First Aid training was complete, we gathered to discuss how we are going to use our new skills.

Members of the School Council led an assembly on how to correctly use the Buddy Bench so that we live our value of friendship in school.

Our Kyra Kids group hosted their first meeting this week. Each school council took turns to talk about their own school. They all did such a good job and represented their schools really well. Next term we will be visiting each others schools. @KYRAKids