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Autumn 1

  • Our Geography project this term will be ‘what is trade and how can it be fair?’]
  • Maths Year 5 – Decimal Fractions, Money, Negative Numbers, Short Multiplication & Division. We will be continuing our work on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.
  • English – We will be ‘writing to entertain’ and ‘writing to inform’ using our Science topic as a stimulus for writing.
  • Science – We will be exploring evolution and inheritance – ‘what is meant by evolution and inheritance?’
  • RE – We will be learning about Hinduism. Our big question is ‘How do Hindus show that they belong?
  • PE – We will be working on invasion games and developing our dance skills.
  • Art – Children will base their artwork on their Geography work this term. We will be learning about a key artist called Dennis Wojtkiewicz. We will be using watercolour pencils and creating art in his style.
  • Computing – Our key questions this term are: Can I design and create an appealing web page? How do I make a model look 3D?
  • Online safety – We will be learning about copywrite and ownership and how information can be kept private and secure. Our questions include: Can I explain copywrite and ownership? How do I keep my information private and secure online?
  • PSHE – We will be learning about how to look after ourselves.
  • French - We will be learning about a French town and what language would be needed to go shopping in France.