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On this page will be everything our JOSOs are doing to keep us safe online. Our Junior Online Safety Officers were established on 31st October 2022 and work hard to find and share important information with children, teachers and parents to help keep everyone safe online. We do this through assemblies, sending home newsletters and sharing ideas on our display. 


This page is uploaded with our work. 

JOSO 2023-2024

This is our second year with JOSOs. Our applications opened on 14th September and the deadline for applying to be  a JOSO is 29th September. 

3 JOSOs from last year are staying on this year as our experts and they have had training with the LSCP on how to continue to develop the JOSO role in school. 

Below is our application powerpoint (that also includes some information on coding week that is taking place next week) and our job list for this year. 

Our JOSOs shared an assembly on Tuesday 6th February to share what Safer Internet Day is and how it is celebrated all over the world. We discussed all the great activities we had done through the day across the school.

This afternoon Hedgehog, Badger and Woodpecker took part in activities for Internet Safety Day. We discussed how our emotions can change quickly when using the internet and to recognise when we need a break from technology.

As today is Safer Internet Day we started this afternoon by talking about what the internet is.
We learned that it is a network of billions of computers which are used to share information.
We read the book 'Chicken Clicking' which highlighted what can happen when we believe everything that is on the internet.
By the end of the afternoon, we all knew to ask our grown-ups before using the internet, and to tell them if we ever see anything that we are not sure about when using it.

For Safer Internet Day the children were thinking about who could help them on the internet, not sharing personal information, being kind and keeping passwords safe.

This afternoon we spent some time discussing and thinking about how we can be safe online as part of Safer Internet Day.

We discussed some different scenarios and shared what we would do in those situations. The children came up with some very safe responses! As part of discussing how we can stay safe, we also spoke about online bullying and how important it is to be kind to others online, as well as to share anything that upsets them with a trusted adult.

To support this learning, we looked at the story 'Digiduck and the Magic Castle' and discussed the story. The children then drew and annotated their trusted adults.

This afternoon we have been learning about how to stay safe online. We discussed what to do if something inappropriate comes up on the screen and who to talk too.

UKS2 looked at how technology has changed in the last twenty years and then had to think about how technology could change in the next twenty years. We looked at the safety implications technology has had (good and bad) as well as what it means for the future.

JOSO 2022-2023

JOSO newseltter

JOSO Roles Autumn





E-Safety display




Computing display

Frankie- computing pictures.




Safer internet day ideas

Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online’.  This year we are hoping to answer the following questions: 

  • What issues really matter to children and young people? 

  • What changes do they want to see?  

How can we all work together to advocate for them moving forward?


Autumn 2 to prep for 7th Feb 2023

  • Some unkind people.

  • Make a website on how to stay safe.

  • Block and report messages.

  • Posters to display in school.

  • Games and tackling unkindness in games

  • Online unkindness is a big issue


AUPs to sign




Parent newsletter

Esme and Georgia




Bynile, Reuben



Tablet checker




Laptop tidying

Mon- Frankie

Tues- Reuben/Freddie

Wed- Bynile

Thurs- Georgia/Esme

Fri- Fox


Needs sorting

Pupil voice

Each class to do with their own class.

Fox to also go to KS1



Work exemplars for evidence

Each class to do own class. Bynile and Frankie to do KS1.



JOSO Roles Spring


Internet safety- write up from each class


Evidence from each class

Each class to do own.



All classes to send through evidence


Internet safety day 7/2/23


Internet safety day 7/2/23


Dilemmas to have written responsesJOSOs to complete. Example from Oscar belowInternet safety day 7/2/23
Pupil voiceAll classes to complete.Spring 2
Internet safety charters to be completedAll JOSOs to complete oneInternet safety day 7/2/23



JOSOs to share online safety ppt: 



JOSO roles Summer 

All JOSOS have the same role this term but for their class.

Complete the pupil voice. Ask your class the questions on the pupil voice sheet and record the answers.

As a pair, write up on a piece of paper or type up on a laptop what your class have learnt in computing this year.

As a pair, write up your top three facts for helping children to keep safe on the internet. This will be for the JOSO newsletter.

Some JOSOS also did this for KS1 classes


In Summer 2, 3 JOSOs were sent on a course to see how we could improve how we use JOSOs in school. They were chosen for their excellent contributions this year and will be kept on in the role next year. We learnt about different missions to complete and we will aim to complete as many as possible next year!

JOSOs were also left to create a ppt that looked at the importance of Computing in the real world. JOSOs researched jobs and planned an assembly to share with the school on how different jobs use a wide range of technology skills. Here is their ppt:

Our JOSO Board