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School Council

We have relaunched the Scotter School Council.  At the beginning of the year we democratically voted in a new School Council, with representatives from each class.  We also have a Chair, Vice-Chair, Clerk and Treasurer from Year Six.



As a School Council pupils are raising funds for a Buddy Bench in the playground.  They plan to share with the school how it is somewhere to go if you are feeling lonely or wanting to find someone to play with.  


The School Council have written to all staff asking if they would be willing to contribute to a Christmas Hamper.  They then plan to sell tickets to parents at the beginning and end of the school day in December.  The winning ticket will be drawn at the Christmas Market on Thursday 16th December.  They have also written a letter to parents sharing their plan.


The Christmas Raffle and events resulted in the School Council having £627.50 in their budget.  They have enough for a Buddy Bench and money left over.  Due to the spare money, the School Council, following gathering the views of their peers, have created a list of playground equipment that they would like purchasing.  Once bought, they will be reminding pupils of how we all need to look after the equipment so that it is not lost or broken.  This purchase will further support a child's right to play and our school value of friendship. 





A Buddy Bench will support children's right to play.

We now have a Buddy Bench in place in the school playground and the School Council have spoken about how children can use it.  One of our school values is friendship and in the Rights of a Child, Article 31 states: 'children's rights to rest, leisure, recreation and play appropriate to their age.'  Any child who is feeling a little lost or alone at playtime will be able to communicate this need to others by sitting on the bench, then others can see this and take action.   


This term the School Council have had their first visit to another school.  They visited Benjamin Adlard's Primary where they were given a tour of the school and able to work collaboratively with other School Councils.  As professionals, we all know and appreciate the value of being able to work with others to gain new ideas and share/develop how we can further improve our schools.  The School Council, through the visit,  were able to do this.  A way of promoting pupil voice, valuing their contribution and sharing good practice.  They came back with lots of new ideas.  Further visits to other schools are planned through the Kyra School Council.

Buddy Bench - the School Council decided to spend some of their budget on a bench to promote play and friendship.

The School Council visiting Benjamin Adlard in Gainsborough - the children took the photos.

Our older School Council members welcomed members of Benjamin Adlard's School Council this afternoon. They showed them round school, asked questions and shared ideas before making and eating pizza