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Online safety and Junior Online Safety Officers - JOSOs

The online world develops and changes at great speed and it is vital that we all take online safety seriously, whilst a child may be in the home, if online, it does not mean that they are safe.  As with all other risks, the school works with parents to ensure that together we can keep our children safe when they are online.  It is a world which constantly changes meaning that the threats change and we need to be constantly updating our knowledge and understanding to keep our children safe.  Because of this, we use the National Online Safety platform which provides a plethora of products and services.


We have a padlet where parents can ask questions and new information is shared with the aim of helping to keep parents up to date.  We also use ClassDojo to post updates as we become aware of them.  

We have Junior Online Safety Officers in school (JOSOs)

We held Internet Safety Day in school, where each class looked at how they can stay safe online.  Below are some of the things covered during the day.

Children in Reception, Year One and Year Two focussed on who to talk to if something worries them online. Also, should they share passwords with friends? Children completed imaginary scenarios together and then drew pictures of a person they can trust if something online worries us or upsets us.

Children in years three and four had a discussion about which games we play and how (if an alien were to come to our planet) we would give good advice as to how to keep healthy and respectful relationships with friends whilst playing. 


Children then produced a recipe and image of what we’d bake with the theme of Respectful Relationships. 

Children in years five and six made fortune tellers for safer internet day. They drew their favourite apps and wrote advice on how to stay safe when using them.  They also created online game guides using a character who would appear when you needed them and give you advice how to stay safe online and a recipe for a respectful relationship when online