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Science Intent Statement

Science Implementation

Science Highlights

Challenging stereotypes

EYFS investigating materials

In KS1 pupils investigating the conditions needed for a plant to grow

KS1 investigating waterproof materials

KS1 investigating changing states of materials

LKS2 participating in an online Science lesson for Science week

LKS2 visiting Woodside Wildlife park where pupils looked at animal adaptations

LKS2 exploring food chains

In UKS2 whilst exploring how animals have adapted to survive, pupils explored the strength of an egg.

UKS2 pupils exploring evidence of evolution

UKS2 learning about the body and how to keep healthy.

KS2 had a planetarium visit when studying space

UKS2 visiting a local Secondary school for a STEM day

KS2 had a Physics teacher from the local Secondary school teach them how to create a science article