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Kestrel Class - Home Learning


As school is closed to the majority of you, over the coming weeks we will try to support your learning by posting activities on the Miss J Working At Home Padlet. To access it, click on the link or use the QR code. You also have a copy of the links in your home learning book. Remember - the work will be on the padlet, not the website.


Miss J will try to ensure that any activities/question sets can be read from your screen – there is no obligation to print anything off. However, if you wish to do this, click on the ‘download’ tab on the padlet.


You have been given a timetable which suggests how you could organise your day. Try to get into a good routine as this will be better for both your physical and mental health.


When you have completed the work set for each day, you can use the ideas on some of the websites you have been given to keep you busy.


Keep up with your reading, spelling and tables – every day!



For work that requires specific answers, these will be posted on the padlet on the following day so that you can see how well you did. If you didn’t quite get everything correct, please show the answers to your adults and try to work together to see how the right answer should have been achieved.


Although your SATs have been cancelled, the knowledge and skills they would have been testing still need to be gained. We were well on the way with this (as well as topic and science learning), so please keep up the effort you have shown so far. If we don’t see each other in school again, Miss J and Mrs M look forward to hearing from your secondary schools that you have been keeping up during the enforced school closure and have arrived ready to start the KS3 curriculum.


Mrs Metheringham will continue to see some of you in school; she is supporting children who will be attending because their parents are key-workers too.


Here is the link to the padlet and also a copy of the pack that was sent home with the weblinks in so that you can just click on them without having to type them into your browser.





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