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Our Class Charter linked to the Rights of a Child

Welcome Year 5&6!


This is a page all about Kestrel Class. I will put information on this page as well as pictures of the fun things that we get up to so keep checking back to see updates!


We are part of UKS2  and therefore learn closely with the rest of Year 5 and 6 in Fox and Kingfisher Class.  We have Miss Ferguson and  Mrs Oxley helping within our class also. 


This term our PE is on a Tuesday and Friday so make sure that you come in your PE kit that day!   Reading is still very important, however we need to ensure that books are left for 48 hours before they are used again. This means that your books can only be changed on certain days - Mondays and Fridays. You each will have your own Reading Journal to record what you are reading and who to. It is very important that you read out loud so if an adult listens to you, don't forget to add it to your Reading Journal, as well as anything else that you are currently reading.  Once you finish a book there will be book review to complete before you find a new one.


Our School Day

The school gates will be open at 8:35am where you will enter the classroom straight away ready to start your day. You should arrive no later than 8.45 as this is when we will start out learning.


Our break time is 10:40- 10:55am. 



Lunchtime will be 12.30 - 1pm eating in the hall and then out onto the playground until 1:30pm.


As long as it is safe to do so and we are cautious and vigilant with hygiene we are now able to mix bubbles, attend assemblies and Year 6 will have their own special responsibilities back! 


This year is going to be fantastic lots of fun, laughs and hard work along the way but hopefully a little more like normal!

Age Related Expectations in Year Five and Year Six for English and Maths