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Autumn 1

  • Our Geography project this term will be ‘what is trade and how can it be fair?’]
  • Maths Year 5 – Decimal Fractions, Money, Negative Numbers, Short Multiplication & Division
  • Year 6 - Calculating using Knowledge of Structures, Multiples of 1000, Numbers up to 10,000,000, Draw, Compose and Decompose Shape.  We will be continuing our work on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions
  • English – We will be ‘writing to entertain’ and ‘writing to inform’ using our Science topic as a stimulus for writing.
  • Science – We will be exploring evolution and inheritance – ‘what is meant by evolution and inheritance?’
  • RE – We will be learning about Hinduism. Our big question is ‘How do Hindus show that they belong?
  • PE – We will be working on invasion games and developing our dance skills.
  • Art – Children will base their artwork on their Geography work this term. We will be learning about a key artist called Dennis Wojtkiewicz. We will be using watercolour pencils and creating art in his style.
  • Computing – Our key questions this term are: Can I design and create an appealing web page? How do I make a model look 3D?
  • Online safety – We will be learning about copywrite and ownership and how information can be kept private and secure. Our questions include: Can I explain copywrite and ownership? How do I keep my information private and secure online?
  • PSHE – We will be learning about how to look after ourselves.
  • French - We will be learning about a French town and what language would be needed to go shopping in France.