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Autumn 1

  • Fox, Kestrel and Kingfisher Class Newsletter – Autumn Term 2023

  • A huge warm welcome back! I hope you have had a relaxing and fun filled summer break and feel ready for the exciting term ahead.

  • Reminders for Autumn Term 2023
    • Books will be changed when needed. Children will need to place their reading diary and book in the changing basket in the classroom. Please encourage your child to read as much as possible at home, both to themselves and someone else. Whatever your child reads; note in their reading diary.
    • Each day, children will need suitable uniform according to the weather, water bottles containing water only, healthy snacks for break, reading book and reading diary every day.
    • The children will not need to bring in additional stationery or pencil cases as this equipment will be provided. Pencil cases from home will be asked to be put away.
    • Please be reminded that toys should be left at home.
    • PE for Kingfisher and Kestrel will be on Tuesday and Friday and PE for Fox will be on Tuesday and Thursday. Children are to come to school in their PE kit and trainers on these days to avoid the need to change in school. As much as possible outdoor PE will remain outdoor so please ensure children are dressed appropriately.
    • Class Dojo is still being used to communicate with parents and there is a contact the teacher form on the class page on the website for you to be able to contact us directly.
    • Homework will be given out each Friday and expected to be handed in the following Thursday. If your child finds it difficult please ask them to speak to their teacher by Monday/Tuesday so that we can go through it and supply with extra support if needed.


Curriculum Focus for Autumn Term 2023

Our history project this term will be ‘What was life like for children during the war?’
Maths Year 5 – Decimal fractions, money, factors, multiples, prime numbers, multiplication and division.
Maths Year 6 - Calculating using knowledge of structures, multiples of 1000, numbers up to 10,000,000, multiplication and division.
English – We will be ‘writing to entertain’ and ‘writing to inform’ using our History topic as a stimulus for writing.
Science – We will be light and electricity and answering the questions – ‘What is light?’ and ‘What is electricity and how do we use it?’
RE – We will be learning about Hinduism. Our big question is ‘How do Hindu beliefs relate to ways in which they choose to live?
PE – We will be working on invasion games (hockey) and developing our dance skills.
Art – Children will base their artwork on their history work this term. We will be learning about portrait art and sepia tones to answer the question ‘Can life be captured in a portrait?’
Computing – Our key questions this term are ‘How is information shared?’ and ‘What is a vector?’
Online safety – We will be learning about copywrite and ownership and how information can be kept private and secure. Our questions include: Can I explain copywrite and ownership? How do I keep my information private and secure online?
PHSE – We will be learning about how to look after ourselves.
French - We will be learning about dates and home life