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Tuesday Maths


Today we are looking at dividing 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using a formal written method (Bus Stop).


Look at the video and remind yourself how the bus stop method works.


Then choose either Set A Set B or Set C questions from the document below.



Vocabulary check

Dividend - the number you are dividing

Divisor - the number you are dividing by


480 ÷

Division Rules

This challenge is about dividing a three-digit number by a single-digit number.
  1. Choose a number you are going to be dividing by. This is your divisor. Your challenge is going to be to come up with some rules for this divisor.
  2. Now generate a three-digit number. This is your dividend.
  3. Now divide your dividend by your divisor. Record the answer.
  4. Create other dividends and divide them by the same divisor. Record the answers.
  5. Look carefully at the answers.
     When is the answer a whole number?
     When is there a remainder of 1?
     Can you spot any patterns?
     Can you come up with any rules?


You will need to work systematically and clearly so that when you upload your challenge answers your teacher can understand what you mean and give you clear feedback.