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Summer Term


Curriculum Focus for Summer Term 1 2024

  • Maths:
  • Review of fractionsFractions greater than 1Symmetry and 2D shapesTimeDivision with remainders
  • English – A range of genres including writing to inform using the book How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth for inspiration.  We’ll be writing to entertain linking our work to the film The Croods.
  • Science – We will be investigating the question ‘What are forces?’
  • History – How do we know about pre-historic times?  We will be learning all about The Stone Age.
  • Computing – We will be learning if computers can be musical instruments.
  • RE – How is a pilgrimage different from a holiday?
  • PE – We will be focusing on athletics and striking and fielding games.
  • Music – We will continue to follow our Charanga scheme of work – How Does Music shape our way of life?
  • Art – What was stone age cave art?
  • PSHE – How can I live happily and safely in the wider world?
  • French – Children will learn items in the classroom.

Knowledge Organisers


Please see our Knowledge Organisers for the term, should you wish to talk with your children about their learning.